Snow White Photo Composite Course

Become a
Visual Storyteller

Coloring with RGB curves, reflections, changing the season (summer to winter), creating snow and more. Learn the tools in Photoshop to become a visual storyteller, combing images to create the artwork you envisioned. And learn the skills required for professional photoshop retouching and compositing.















1 Hour, 34 Minutes


Beginner to Intermediate


Photoshop CC

Professional Training

This course takes you through all the steps necessary to create a professional composite from beginning to end. Learn from a professional, award-winning creative director who has worked with top clients all across the globe. In addition to individual tools and features, you will also learn the WORKFLOW used by professionals, putting you on the path to creating photoshop art as a career.




Putting the Magic in "Photoshop Magic"

In addition to showing you the essentials of using Photoshop—including the two dozen most useful shortcuts—this course also shows you the entire workflow of compositing a visual story in Photoshop. Learn how to combine various images to tell the story you want to tell!

Master RGB Curves

Harness the power of RGB Curves—a staple tool of every professional digital artist—to recolor artwork. Not only does this course teach you how to use curves, but also provides you with the underlying Color Theory so that you know WHICH COLOR CURVE to adjust and by how much. This is essential for any artist!

Create Snow
without Brushes

In addition to learning how to change a scene from summer to winter, in this course you will learn a procedural method for creating realistic snow without using any custom brushes. The advantage is that the snow will ALWAYS be random.

The Art of Color Grading

When creating a visual story composite, color is the ingredient that ties it all together. In this course you will learn about the essential color adjustment tools and how to use gradient maps and layer blending to artistically grade any composite or image.

Become a Visual Storyteller

Join thousands of other creatives around the world in becoming masters of Photo Compositing. Whether you are a photographer, creative director, designer or budding artist—THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU!

"I learned more from your instructional videos in the past two months than I had learned using Photoshop the past twenty-years. It's a whole new ball game.” "


Skills Covered

  • Photoshop Basics & Shortcuts
  • Path-based Selections
  • RGB Color Theory
  • Using Curves to Recolor Artwork
  • Creating realistic reflections
  • Color correction & matching
  • Procedural Snow
  • Artistic Color Grading
  • Post Production Effects


  • 10 Video Lessons
  • Camera RAW photo of model
  • Background images & assets

Price: $47.00


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