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Professional Training

OUR course takes you through all the steps necessary to create  professional composites from beginning to end. In addition to individual tools and features, you will also learn the WORKFLOW used by professionals, putting you on the path to creating photoshop art as a career.


for Creatives

Each course is designed for creatives at every level; from the beginner just starting in Photoshop to the experienced photographer, designer or digital artist who wants to expand their skill set. Each course covers the basics of Photoshop, including the most commonly used shortcuts gleaned from 15 years of experience at a professional level. And advanced techniques not covered anywhere else.


Turn Your Photos into Digital Masterpieces

Master the Art of Photo Compositing


"I've been using Photoshop since the mid 90s (version 3 - 7), but have learned more from your instructional videos in the past two months than I had learned using Photoshop the past 20 years! It's a whole new ball game. "

Les Burns

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